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Sixth Notary of Medellín

The sixth Notary of Medellín is located in the Laureles neighborhood, a place where modern life, visible on its architecture, casts its shadow over the natural green places in the area. The tranquility that surrounds the streets and the warmth touch of nature is a reflection of the values ​​of the city and its inhabitants, and a reminder that we must always live up to the expectations of our customers, providing a friendly, efficient and eco-friendly service. We like you to feel at home every time you visit us. We will serve you with the same excellence in all your notarial procedures and resolve any questions you may have. We are your trustworthy notary.

MISIÓN: Based on the experience of the Notary and its select working group, it is intended to provide users a quality, timely, personalized, humane and warm service that allows to find the appropriate legal formula for the needs of its users. All this supported in the prestige of the Sixth Notary of Medellin, which has managed to project itself in 66 years of existence as a serious, reliable and honest institution, always at the service of the thriving and enterprising people of Medellin and Antioquia State in general. The Notary pretends to continue constituting itself as an opportune and efficient partner in our client’s business.

Notaría Sexta de Medellín

VISION: To take advantage of our new headquarters, its modern and extensive facilities and its comfort and cutting-edge technology, to face the challenges of an increasingly digital and virtual world that demands higher standards of health and safety; which leads to a greater performance of user’s time and resources, to provide them – with comfort, effectiveness, efficiency and security – the services of the best Notary.


Dr. Roberto Chaves Echeverry

Jurisprudence Doctor from the Colegio Mayor de Nuestra Señora del Rosario. With Antiochian ancestors both in several of their ancestors (born in this land) and in their Department of origin (Caldas belonged until 1905 to Antioquia). He began to exercise his profession as a litigator in several law areas, where he had a broad trajectory. Specialized in Administrative Law at the University of Caldas, in Procedural Law at the Universidad del Rosario and Criminal Law and Criminology at the Externado de Colombia. After passing through litigation work, he was linked to the Judicial Branch for nineteen and a half years, during which time he served as Magistrate (1 year in the Administrative Chamber of the Sectional Council of the Judicial District of Caldas; Disciplinary Room of the Sectional Council of the Judiciary of Risaralda and 16 and a half years as Family Magistrate of the Civil Chamber of the Superior Court of Manizales). He retired from the Judicial Branch on September 14, 2017 to take office the following 15th as the Sixth Notary of Medellín, a position he accepted after a Notary competition (which includes evaluation of experience and published works, examination and interview). Professor at several opportunities of the Libre Universitie in Manizales and Caldas. Author of law works and several publications, especially in the Superior Court of Manizales Magazine; among the former, he is coauthor of the “Crimes against Public Administration” work, published by the Externado de Colombia University. And “The leasing contract in its Notarial and Registry perspectives”, published by the Editorial “Doctrina y Ley”. Among the second ones, the one titled “How to endow the soul toga” is highlighted, published in the Superior Council of the Judiciary and the Superior Court of Manizales journals (you can access its text through this page).

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