Authentication of documents


What is it?

It is a document by which the Notary attests that a person recognizes the text and / or the signature stamped on a document; or that the document corresponds to a true copy of an original or an authenticated copy.


  • Authentication of documents
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  • 1. What must be done to authenticate the signature and/or content of a document?

    The requirements vary based on what is needed to be authenticated, but, in any case, the person who performs the process must always have his/her citizenship card.

  • 2. How can I authenticate a photocopy?

    You must present the document and the copies that you wish to authenticate. Mechanical, literal or digital copies can be authenticated.

    All authentication must bear the date of the act and the signature of the notary. Arts. 74-75 of Decree 960 of 1970.


  • Citizenship card
  • Document to be authenticated.
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