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What is it?

Children and adolescents (under 18), Colombians and foreigners, who reside in Colombia must have a permit to leave the country of both parents or the father who does not travel with the child. It can be recorded in a private document authenticated by a Notary or in a Public Deed. If it is by private document, it is only for one trip. If it is by Public Deed, works for all events.


  • Authorization document to leave the country
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  • 1. What must the permit by private document to leave the country contain?

    According to the Code of Childhood and Adolescence, this document must include the date of departure, the purpose of the trip, the place of destination of the child, the date of return and the data of the person traveling with the child (full name, document number and relationship with the minor).

    For your convenience, in the Sixth Notary we have the format already downloaded.

  • 2. Should more documents be presented with the exit permit?

    Yes, together with the permission to leave the country, you must present the recently authenticated civil registry of the minor and the minor's passport (this applies to children under 7 years of age). Children over 7 years old must have the original identity card and passport.

  • 3. What happens if one of the parents is abroad?

    In this case, the exit permit must be authenticated at the Colombian consulate. Otherwise, it must be subscribed before a public notary, duly apostilled and always the original version (no copies).

  • 4. What if one of the parents has already passed away?

    At the time of leaving the country it will be necessary to present the deceased parent's death certificate.

  • 5. Where should I fill out the document?

    In the Migration Colombia page (in this link) you can find the authorization form. Remember that it must be authenticated before a notary public and, for your convenience we already have the form here printed.


  • Citizenship card.
  • Relationship or relationship with the minor.
  • Destination place.
  • Departure date.
  • Purpose of the trip.
  • Return date.
  • Data of the person traveling with the child:
    • Full name.
    • Document number.
    • Relationship.

Migration Format Colombia

For your convenience, in the Sixth Notary we have the format already downloaded and printed.

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