What is it?

According to the Colombian Civil Code in articles 1955 to 1958, it is the act that allows two people to exchange one good for another.


  • Barter
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  • 1. What happens when one of the goods to be exchanged is worth more than another?

    In that case, a surplus can be given without the exchange being altered. In the case the money surplus is greater than the price of the good that is given as part of payment, it would be a sale and not a swap.

  • 2. What goods can be exchanged?

    Movable and immovable property present in commerce. State property, foreclosures and property belonging to minors and persons under guardianship or curatorship, or that have spillage of unrestricted valuations while the negotiation process is not performed, are excluded.


  • Citizenship card.

For real estate, attach:

  • Public deed.
  • Peace and salvage of valuation, property tax and others that apply (administration).
  • Departmental and municipal assessment.
  • Recent freedom certificate (for rural properties, expedited no more than five days before request).
  • Public deeds of owners.
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