Civil marriage


What is it?

It is a formal union that recognizes a couple as legally married and gives them the rights and duties of a conjugal union.


  • Civil marriage
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  • 1. What to do if one of the parties can not attend?

    In this case, a power of attorney by public deed is necessary. If you are a foreigner, the power must be certified by apostille.

  • 2. What documents do I need for a civil marriage?

    Photocopy of the citizenship certificate, valid civil birth registry for marriage and the request for civil marriage duly completed and authenticated.

  • 3. What other documents are necessary if there are minor children outside the relationship?

    A solemn inventory of the minor's assets must be presented.

  • 4. Can a minor have a civil marriage?

    Yes; women between 12 and 18 years old and men between 14 and 18 years old can. To the above documents you must add a duly authenticated permission from the parents or guardians.

  • 5. What other documents need an unmarried couple that already have children?

    To all the previous documents you must add the Civil Birth Registry of the children you have in common for their legitimization.

  • 6. What if there is a previous marriage?

    Other documents needed are: civil birth registry with divorce note, dissolution and liquidation of the conjugal partnership; or in case of widowhood, civil death certificate of the deceased spouse.


(requirements are the same for same ex and different sex couples)

Single people:

  • Photocopy of citizenship card.
  • Citizenship card.
  • Marriage request.
  • Authenticated copy of the civil registry, expedited less than 3 months before request.

Divorced or widowed persons must add:

  • Authenticated copy of the civil registry, issued no more than 3 months before request and the respective marginal notes of divorce and liquidation of conjugal partnership.
  • Copy in the pertinent book or the books of several (records book), where the divorce or cessation is recorded.
  • Copies of the books of several where cessation of civil effects of marriage and liquidation of conjugal partnership is annotated.
  • Civil registry of the spouse.
  • Civil registry of death (widowed persons).

Foreigners (the documents must have been issued no more than 3 months before request) :

  • Marriage request
  • Passport or immigration card.
  • Official translation of the birth certificate, certified by apostille.
  • Single status certification or equivalent.
  • Official translator if the person does not speak Spanish.
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