Civil registry of death


What is it?

It is the document that legally certifies the death of a person. According to Article 80, Decree 1260 of 1970, the death certificate in Colombia must contain essentially the date of death, the name and gender of the deceased.


  • Civil registry of death
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  • 1. Where is the death of a Colombian abroad registered?

    In the Colombian Consulate of the country where the death occurred, or in a notary or a National Civil Registry office in Bogotá.

  • 2. How is the death record obtained?

    The interested party must present their identification document and proof of death (certificate issued by an authorized doctor) at the Registry or Notary, specifying where the death occurred or the body was found, within two days after the date of the death.

  • 3. How do you proceed with a violent death?

    This death must be preceded by judicial authorization.


  • Citizenship card of the person who carries out the procedure.
  • Authorized doctor’s death certificate.
  • Violent deaths must also have judicial order.

If the death is not reported within the next two days of the demise, the court order is necessary.

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