What is it?

It is a transfer of goods under a certain time or condition. Its constitution is made by public deed.


  • Escrow
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  • 1. What documents are needed for a escrow?

    Citizenship cards of the constituent, fiduciary and the beneficiaries are necessary.

    For real state, the property's deed must be presented, the certificate of tradition and freedom, the peace and save property tax, and the valuation tax. In the case of motor vehicles, the vehicle ownership card, the certificate of tradition and freedom, and the peace and security tax on vehicles are needed.

  • 2. How is an escrow constituted?

    In a notary, the good that will take part in the escrow and the conditions is to take part are mentioned (for example: to marry, to finish the university or to be 18 years old).


  • Citizenship card.
  • Detailed request.
  • Public deed of property or ownership card (vehicles).
  • Peace and salvage of valuation, property tax and others that apply (administration).
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