Merger of companies


What is it?

There will be a merger when one or more companies dissolve, without liquidating, to be absorbed by another or to create a new one. The opposite phenomenon is splitting or division.


  • Merger of companies
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  • 1. Why does a company merge with other?

    In most cases, several small companies come together to compete against a larger one in their same sector.

  • 2. What types of company merge exist?

    By absorption: occurs when a company takes from one or more dissolved companies all their assets, liabilities, rights and obligations and incorporates them to their own. By transfusion: when two companies come together to create a new one.


  • Citizenship card of the legal representatives involved.
  • Commerce Chamber certificates of existence and legal representation.
  • Meeting minutes where the will to merge is established.
  • Balances and consolidated finance reports.