How is Colombian citizenship acquired?

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The following are Colombian nationals:
1. By birth:
a. Colombian natives, upon one of two conditions: that the father or the
mother have been Colombian natives or nationals or that, being
children of aliens, either parent was domiciled in the Republic at the
time of birth; and,
b. The children of a Colombian father or mother born abroad who have
later established their domicile in the Colombian territory or
registered in a consular office of the Republic.

2. By adoption:
a. Foreigners who solicit and obtain a naturalization card, in accordance with
the law, which will establish the cases in which Colombian nationality
is lost through adoption;
b. People born in Latin America or the Caribbean who are domiciled in
Colombia and who, with the government’s authorization and in
accordance with the law and the principle of reciprocity, request that
they be registered as Colombians in the municipality where they
reside; and,
c. Members of the indigenous peoples straddling border areas, in
application of the principle of reciprocity according to public
international treaties.

No Colombian by birth may be stripped of his/her nationality. Colombian nationality
is not lost by virtue of acquiring another nationality. Nationals by adoption will not
be obligated to renounce their nationality of origin or adoption.
Whoever has renounced his/her Colombian nationality may recover it in accordance
with the law.

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