What is it?

The testament is a legal act made by a person, in life, to express his or her will regarding the fate of the property once he or she dies. According to article 1055 of the Colombian civil code, the will can be modified as many times as a person wishes.


  • Testament
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  • 1. How many types of testaments are there?

    There are two types of testament: the solemn, which can be open or closed depending on whether it is public or private, and is done in the presence of the notary and 3 or 5 witnesses respectively; and the least solemn or privileged (verbal, military or maritime testament).


Solemn testament:

  • Citizenship card.
  • If it is open: 3 witnesses, not relatives or work subordinates.
  • If it is closed: 5 witnesses, not relatives or work subordinates.

Privileged will:

  • Citizenship card.
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